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The ethnic style, an interior trip

The ethnic style contains several trends. The common point to all its tendencies is of course the decor inspired by the trip theme, the dream and foreign decorative arts. En route to an immobile trip! .Destination North Africa, the magic of the Orient
Very trendy in recent years, the Moroccan and Tunisian styles are sources of insp...

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9 tips to gain brightness at lower cost

Natural light greatly influences our mood and has a direct impact on our health. So when it is missing, it becomes imperative to find solutions to make the sun come to the house. Choose appropriate lighting, arrange your furniture skillfully, and choose the right colors and the right materials ... There are many ways to illuminate .......

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Exotic bathroom

Inspired by Moroccan, Tunisian, Indian, Japanese, Greek, Creole, Indonesian styles, the exotic bathroom invites you to travel and offers you a unique moment of escape through its decoration.In total look or by touches, exotic decor is perfect for the bathroom; it brings warmth, comfort and serenity to it. Decorated with a spirit .....

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5 important tips for buying a Moroccan lounge

Measure your living room floor. Moroccan benches usually have a standard size. Some companies suggest cutting them as you wish. But it is not always possible. If for example the length of a wall exceeds 2.50 meters, your foam will be too long, it needs to be cut it into two halves. You should also think of the way to bring your ....

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